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Photos by Neal McLain
Photos by Jim Williams
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Ann McLain a1130626a-JM-JB-WL-JP-NM.JPG
Jim Williams, Jim Bohot, Wayne LeCompte, Jimmy Pitts, Neal McLain


Neal McLain e1130685.JPG
Palestine Terminal

Neal McLain h1130729.JPG
Neal McLain k1130730-300.JPG
Texas Historical Marker

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Palestine Wye
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Neal McLain P1130632-garage.JPG
Train shed

Neal McLain P1130633-Loco7-FR.JPG
TSRR-7 Locomotive

Neal McLain P1130634-LOCO7-F.JPG
TSRR-7 Locomotive

Neal McLain P1130636-Loco7-FL.JPG
TSRR-7 Locomotive

Neal McLain P1130644-610.JPG
Engine 610 marker

Neal McLain P1130647--P1130670-Gore-1.JPG
Robert Gore, Steam Engine Fireman
Robert served as fireman for our trip behind TSRR-7

Neal McLain P1130648-Gore-1.JPG
Robert searching from some historic documents

Neal McLain P1130649-500.JPG
Robert comes from a family of railroad men

Neal McLain P1130650-500.JPG

Neal McLain P1130653-charlie.JPG
Charlie, resident mouser

Neal McLain P1130665-TICKERS.JPG
Deposit tickets here

Neal McLain P1130670-JP-RG-JB-WL-JW.JPG
Jimmy Pitts, Robert Gore, Wayne LeCompte, Jim Williams
Locomotive TSRR-7

Neal McLain P1130672-Alco-1.JPG
Alco diesel in static display

Neal McLain P1130673-300.JPG
Alco emblem

Neal McLain P1130675-Superior.JPG
Superior tankcar on static display

Neal McLain P1130676-morning-1.JPG
Saturday morning, as TSRR-7 rolls out of the train shed

Neal McLain P1130678.JPG
Jim and Wayne at the ticket booth

Neal McLain P1130680.JPG
Robert Gore (In cab) and the engineer, in TSRR-7

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department TPWD-Map.jpg
Route map

Neal McLain P1130681.JPG
TSRR-7 ready to roll

Neal McLain P1130682.JPG
TSRR-7 ready to roll

Neal McLain P1130683.JPG
TSRR-7 firebox

Neal McLain P1130684.JPG
Robert Gore, Jimmy Pitts

Neal McLain P1130687.JPG
Robert Gore (left) with an FRA examiner.

Neal McLain P1130689.JPG
Everybody wave at the camera!

Neal McLain P1130690.JPG
Legionriders of Post 17, Greenville, TX

Neal McLain P1130691.JPG
Legionriders of Post 17, Greenville, TX

Neal McLain P1130692.JPG
Legionriders of Post 17, Greenville, TX

Neal McLain P1130694.JPG
Historic luminaire

Neal McLain P1130696.JPG
Keep your head and hands inside the car at all times!

Neal McLain P1130698-500.JPG
Mail from the box is picked up by railroad personnel for your convenience

Neal McLain P1130699.JPG
Railway Express Agency static exhibit

Neal McLain P1130700-400.JPG
Railway Express Agency static exhibit

Neal McLain P1130701.JPG

Neal McLain P1130702.JPG

Neal McLain P1130703.JPG

Neal McLain P1130705.JPG
Looking forward

Neal McLain P1130706.JPG
Looking forward

Neal McLain P1130710.JPG
Looking forward

Neal McLain P1130711.JPG
Looking forward

Neal McLain P1130715.JPG
Stills Creek Pond

Neal McLain P1130716.JPG

Neal McLain P1130719.JPG

Neal McLain P1130720.JPG

Neal McLain P1130721.JPG
Almost back to Palestine station

Neal McLain P1130722.JPG
Abandoned ties

Neal McLain P1130723.JPG
Palestine Water Tower

Neal McLain P1130724.JPG
Even the fireant nests are red

Neal McLain P1130725.JPG
Robert Gore backing TSRR-7 back into the train shed.

Neal McLain P1130726.JPG
Jim takes gets one last photo of TSRR-7


Jim Williams 100_8738.jpg

Jim Williams 100_8734.jpg

Jim Williams 100_8674.jpg
TSRR-7 Heading back to the train shed.

Jim Williams 100_8675.jpg
Jimmy Pitts and Robert Gore

Jim Williams 100_8678.jpg
TSRR-7 Tender

Jim Williams 100_8679.jpg
Palestine depot

Jim Williams 100_8681.jpg
Robert Gore with the FRA examiner

Jim Williams100_8680.jpg - 100_8684.jpg
Inside the cab

Jim Williams 100_8688.jpg
Neal, contemplating the next photo

Jim Williams 100_8693.jpg

Jim Williams 100_8696.jpg
Jarvis Wye

Jim Williams 100_8703.jpg
Cars 70 and 11 at Rusk Depot

Jim Williams 100_8705.jpg
Neal in Car 70 on the return trip

Jim Williams 100_8706.jpg
Car 46 (left) at Palestine Station

Jim Williams 100_8707.jpg
Diesel Engine 7 on the eastbound track

Jim Williams 100_8711.jpg
Looking east from the rear of the train, between Rusk and Maydelle

Jim Williams 100_8713.jpg
Maydelle Turntable

Jim Williams 100_8716.jpg
Maydelle siding, from west, looking east

Jim Williams 100_8717.jpg
Maydelle siding, from west, looking east

Jim Williams 100_8718.jpg
Heading on west, looking east.

Jim Williams 100_8719.jpg
Heading on west, looking east.

Jim Williams 100_8720.jpg
Stills creek pond, looking east.

Jim Williams 100_8722.jpg
Approaching Palestine Depot, looking west. Water tower at left.

Jim Williams 100_8723.jpg
Approaching Palestine Depot looking east.

Jim Williams 100_8724.jpg
TSRR-7 at Palestine Depot

Jim Williams 100_8725.jpg
Jimmy Pitts aboard TSRR-7

Jim Williams 100_8730.jpg

Jim Williams 100_8732.jpg

Jim Williams 100_8733.jpg
Gondola cars

Jim Williams 100_8734.jpg

Jim Williams 100_8738.jpg